Day 6 – Home

Fr. Rob

This will be the final narrative post about the mission trip.  Rev. Lauren, Ms. Katie, and I will each offer our final reflections on the please be on the look out in the days to come.

Our final day together (Saturday) was purely a travel day, and it started very early in the morning, 3:30am to be precise.  Our alarm went off at 3:30 and we could hardly believe that it was time to go.  We all could have easily slept for another two or three hours, or a day for that matter since we were in a comfy bed.  We gathered in the lobby to load the van at 4:15.  Everyone was up and ready to go, which was rather surprising given the crazy days we have had.

We drove five minutes to the airport which was still opening up for the day.  Our flight was the first flight of the day, along with a flight to Seattle.  We dropped off the van, checked into the flight, and went through security.  It was a rather quick experience since the airport is ridiculously small.  We boarded the flight and we were on our way to Minneapolis.

The flight was uneventful.  I think almost all of us slept for some or most of the flight.  We arrived in Minneapolis with under an hour until our final flight to Baltimore.  That meant we were unable to get anything of substance for breakfast.  It did mean that we were on our way quickly and would be back home sooner rather than later.

We boarded our final flight to Baltimore.  Both flights were about 2 hours each so again it was a pleasant flight home.  We arrived on time and to an awaiting crowd.  All the parents were there to greet us and welcome us home.  While everyone was glad at the prospect of naps and familiar foods, we all knew deep in our hearts that we would miss the people we met and worked with on this trip.

Our final group photo at BWI...minus Grace who traveled home with her family.

Our final group photo at BWI…minus Grace who traveled home with her family.

We all agreed that we would definitely use YouthWorks again for mission trips and even thought about going back to Blackfoot Nation for subsequent trips to further develop lasting relationships.

All in all, this was a huge success and something from which we can build upon for the future of the youth program at Saint James.

With that I bid you all adieu.  Until next time!

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