Behind the Mask

Over the course of the seven hour flight from Boston to Munich I had the luxury of watching three different movies. Of course I probably should have slept since I have been awake since 6:00am EST on the 4th and now it is like 10:30 local time or 3:00am EST…in other words I have been up and moving for 21 hours. (I really should have slept). Anyways, in one of them the narrator made a comment that has stuck with me and has got me thinking. The narrator said “Sometimes the biggest risk we can take is showing people who we really are.” (Or something like that). It got me thinking about the masks that I wear. What would it look like if I were to stop hiding behind my masks?

I feel like I have been my best self for the longest time in my life. I have slowly let go of the masks that would hide my emotions, my pain. The masks were able to protect me from getting hurt and they were a wall that prevented me from opening up, being vulnerable. The masks were worn to cover up my inadequacies. We all wear masks and we all wear them for different reasons.

Part of this or any pilgrimage is to deepen our understanding of our self, the creature that God created us to be. Through prayer, through reflection, through conversations with others we learn a lot about our selves. While the last six years have been the best in recent memory I still feel that there is more to learn, more ways to grow deeper. I am hoping that I can concur this journey of self-discovery in the weeks to come. I am hoping that I will grow closer to my fellow pilgrims. I am hoping to leave a few more of masks behind.

Fr. Rob

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